Rod Suskin

My Favourite Books & Websites

More than anything else, people ask me to recommend books, and flood Cape Talk with calls every time I mention one on air. So, here you'll find a list of some - just a few and those I can think of! - of the books that have made a difference in my life.

Finding These Books

For suggestions of the best, cheapest and fastest online stores - I've tried them all - go to the links page. There are a few real world bookstores mentioned there too! Clicking on the highlighted titles will take you to a book's page on Amazon.
Most of the books are non-fiction, but there are also some fictional books which are informative or life-changing, or just too good to miss! I've arranged the list into arbitrary and not-so-arbitrary sections - have a good browse!
This is an ever-growing section of the site (can you imagine how much brain-draining I have to do to remember nearly 30 years of reading!?), so come back often, and I'd also appreciate your recommendations.
This list was last updated in May 2009